Ikorodu Bois invited for Extraction 2 movie premiere

Members of Ikorodu Bois nabbed the likelihood Wed when the establishment shared on social media their homespun remake of the trailer for the Netflix film, "Extraction."
Undaunted via high-end productions, the Sanni brothers, Muiz, 15, and Malik,10 (with a video-editing assist from the older brother, Babatunde), and their relative, Fatwas Aina, 13, recorded the trailer in their community in Ikorodu, a residential area in an urban center, the usage of their ingenuity, the present cart, and a couple of upcycled things.

Once uploaded, they suggested their followers share and tag lead actor Chris Hemsworth and Netflix to urge their interest. made via the yank pair, the Russo Brothers, "Extraction" functions Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a mercenary tasked with rescuing the teenaged son of a confined boss who's kidnapped with the help of a rival boss.
A couple of hours later, Netflix retweeted their post, saying, "LOVE THIS."
The video also caught the eye of Hemsworth, UN agency retweeted the video, commenting, "EPIC."
But what while not a doubt got their attention to become the surprising name from film producers, the Russo Brothers, UN agency shared the video and invited them to the premier of "Extraction two." In May, Joe Russo educated the point that they had secured the deal to write down a sequel.
"This is awesome! we might like to own you ever guys at the #Extraction two most useful...DM North American country and we'll get you there!" they declared in an exceeding tweet. 

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