How Much Do Great Clips Cost?

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Great Clips is noted for having lower costs than most other salons. They offer fewer treatments than a full-service salon (no colors, highlights, nails, etc.), but this is one of the ways they maintain low Great Clips Prices and fast wait times.

Although they do not offer chemical treatments (though some locations do offer perms), you may be surprised by the number of services offered at Great Clips. When you visit one of Great Clips’ 4,100 hair salons, you may be able to choose among the following services.

Standard Great Clips Costs

Customers can receive the following services at Great Clips Prices salons. They offer hair services for men, women, seniors, and children. Below, we present the low, average, and high prices for each service.

Before visiting Great Clips near you, it is advisable to review their price list. Each service has a different Great Clips Prices.

Great Clips Locations

Although there are thousands of Great Clips locations around the country, each one is independently owned and operated by a franchisee. The franchisee chooses the prices for each treatment based on the location of his or her salon.

The quality of services may vary slightly from one city to the next. In general, Great Clips Prices salons in larger cities charge slightly more.

Great Cuts Costs By Service

Let’s examine Great Clips Prices costs and how they vary throughout the United States.

Great Clips Costs For Haircuts

Great Clips Prices its adult haircuts between $13 and $16. Kids’ and seniors’ haircuts cost between $11 and $14. The price of a child’s or senior’s haircut is $2 cheaper than that of an adult’s.

Most establishments charge approximately $15 for a haircut for adults and $13 for children and seniors.

Customers At Great Clips

Customers at Great Clips in Missouri City, Texas pay $13 for an adult haircut and $11 for a child or senior haircut. In Jacksonville, Florida, adults pay $14 for a haircut, while children and seniors’ Great Clips Prices are $12.

In Tampa, Florida, Norco, California, and Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, an adult haircut costs $15 while a child or senior trim costs $13. In Beaumont, California, an adult haircut costs $16. The cost of a haircut in this location is $14 for seniors and children.

Great Clips Price Trimming

For consumers who may not require a full haircut, Great Clips Prices offers bang trims, neck trims, and beard trims. These are less expensive than haircuts and range between $5 and $7 per trim.

The cost varies depending on your region. Here is a peek at how different Great Clips locations charge for trims.

Prices For Shampoo And Conditioner Treatments At Great Clips

If you only require shampoo or wish to add shampoo to another service, you will Great Clips Prices between $3 and $5. Again, the price you pay will depend on your location and the amount the franchise owner decides to charge to remain competitive in their region.

In Gahanna, Ohio, the cost of shampoo is $3. Some places, like the Great Clip in Daytona Beach, Florida, charge $4 for shampoo. This service costs $5 at a Great Clips in Aurora, Colorado.

Price Ranges

The price ranges between $10 and $17 if you want to add a conditioning treatment to your shampoo. After shampooing, this treatment is applied to the hair. After application, the stylist will allow to deeply condition the hair for around 15 minutes. You may sit behind a dryer with a hood during this time.

Conditioning Service

Conditioning Great Clip Prices $10 in Bowie, Maryland. In Gahanna, Ohio, this procedure costs $11. West Hills, California, adding this service costs $14. In Aurora, Colorado, the service costs $15. Pittsburg, California, the cost is $17.

Great Clips Costs For Hairstyling

Great Clip offers a variety of hairstyles in conjunction with a new haircut or as a standalone service. You can, for instance, have your hair straightened with a flat iron, curled, or waved. You may also receive a blowout or formal hairstyle, such as an updo.

Prices For Regular Length Versions

Prices for regular-length versions range from $20 to $35 depending on the area. The cost for regular-length styles applies to hair that is shoulder-length or longer. Long-length styles incur a slight price increase. Long hair styling costs between $30 and $45, depending on the area.

Formal Styles

Formal styles are the most expensive since they require more time and may be more exact. Count on spending between $40 and $60 for a formal style.

Having longer hair may incur an additional fee, so be sure to discuss this with your stylist in advance so that you can reach the desired hair length.

Standard Length Style

Great Clips in Gahanna, Ohio charges $20 for a regular length cut, $34 for a long length cut, and $45 for a formal cut. A standard length style costs $20, a long length style costs $45, and a formal style costs $60 in Aurora, Colorado.

The Great Clip shop in Pittsburg, California charges $25 for a regular length cut, $35 for a long length cut, and $45 for a formal cut.

In Bowie, Maryland, styles with standard length are $35, styles with long length are $45, and formal styles are $55.

Great Perm Prices At Clips

Some, but not all, Great Clip shops provide perms in addition to haircuts and styling. If a Great Clips location near you offers perms, prices range from $30 (partial perm) to $115 (full perm) (long term). Typically, you’ll pay between $50 and $70 for a standard perm.

Partial Perm Prices

Great Clip charges $30 for a partial perm, $49 for a normal perm, and $79 for a long perm in Gahanna, Ohio. A partial perm costs $40, a normal perm costs $65, and a long perm costs $90 in Pittsburg, California.

A partial perm costs $40 in Santee, California, whereas a normal perm costs $60, and a long perm Great Clips Coupons costs $115.



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