A Closer Look at XResolver


In this article, we’ll take a closer look at xResolver, an online gaming platform that uses OctoSniff to obtain IP addresses. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s a legitimate program, read on. This article also covers some of the red flags to look for in xResolver. Read on to learn how to use this service and avoid being a victim of extortion.

xResolver is a gaming platform

The xResolver is a gaming identity protection software. It uses special tools to collect data about your opponents’ IP, username, geolocation, and ISP. It can also use this information to devise a winning strategy. It was originally developed by the Octosniff group and has been in use by millions of users. However, a recent update to the software means that it can now track your IP and hide it from your opponents.

The xResolver service logs your IP address and gamertag. This data is public and can cause you a lot of problems. The service also offers to remove your IP address from its database. While this is convenient, you should remember that there are a number of other ways to get your IP address. If you are concerned about privacy issues, consider using a third-party service. One option is OctoSniff.

It uses OctoSniff to acquire IP addresses

Xresolver is an open-source IP address blacklisting software. This tool works by blacklisting you from websites that are owned by other people. The best way to avoid blacklisting is to not join parties that you don’t know. Then, you can manually remove the IP address from the database by using the Data Removal Form. If you don’t know how to do this, you can always contact Xresolver to get rid of your data.

While Xresolver is not entirely free, it is a good way to monitor what games your friends are playing. The software is available for download free of charge from the Xresolver website. Xresolver has been in existence for several years, and has successfully blocked more than a thousand IPs. Its latest version, OctoSniff, is compatible with Xbox Live.

It allows you to blacklist Gamertags

If you’ve ever wanted to blacklist a gamertag, Xresolver can help you do that. The tool converts user names and Gamertags to IP addresses, and you can then hide your IP address from the server. Although this process may not be as easy as it sounds, it will save you from getting booted from games and from getting your IP listed in Microsoft’s game database.

The first step to blacklist a Gamertag is to find its IP address. The IP address is determined by the Gamertag, which can be either a username or a unique Xresolver number. You can do this by signing into your Octosniff account and purchasing 500 points. Then, you’ll receive a key to enter in the message box.

It is an extortion scheme

If you’ve ever played a game on Xbox Live, you’ve probably heard of Xresolver. The website claims that you can blacklist other people’s IPs. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Instead, it sells your information to malicious actors. Microsoft, the developer of Xbox Live, has stated that Xresolver is a scam, and it’s time to stop supporting it.

The truth is, Xresolver is a scam that takes advantage of publicly available information to track gamers. They use people’s IPs to blacklist and drop them from games. These extortion schemes are illegal and will get your account suspended or banned. Xresolver also slows down gaming platforms. Thankfully, there are ways to remove your IP from the xresolver database without paying a single penny.

It is legal

Using a tool like xResolver is not illegal. It collects publicly available information and also collects information from users running scraping programs. The latter method requires gamertags to be linked to scraping programs. Once linked to xResolver, the information is added to its database. Although it may not be entirely secure, the risks of paying a hacker or DDoS attack are minimal.

Final Words:

Xresolver claims to be a safe alternative to banned players. The IP addresses and Gamertags of online gamers are gathered by scraping the web using thousands of bots. This data is then blacklisted to keep the name of ill-intentioned users and DDoS victims out of the community. While Xresolver is technically legal, it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of gamers.

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