Pacman 30th Anniversary 256: What happens if you chain 256 in Pac-Man 256?


If you enjoyed the original Pacman video game, you’ll love Pacman 30th Anniversary 256. This version adds a 256-level difficulty and features new gameplay modes, including two-player mode. It also adds Ghost Town to the mix. In addition, it allows you to paint on different surfaces. You can play this retro game on both your PC and mobile device. If you want to experience it for yourself, check out this review!

Iconic arcade game

Google’s latest doodle, a playable version of the iconic arcade game, celebrates the game’s 30th anniversary. Google has made the Pac-Man doodle playable on its home page. It features 255 levels of authentic Pac-Man gameplay, authentic graphics, and authentic sounds. The playable doodle, which can be accessed for 48 hours, also features miniature versions of the game’s letters. The game contains all 255 levels, except for the final level which is impossible to complete due to the kill screen bug.

The game’s gameplay is simple and fun. You play as a yellow Pacman who must collect and eat dots on the screen in order to collect the yellow pellets and destroy the ghosts. There are three lives, 10000 bonus points, 255 levels, and a Kill Screen. In addition to the 256 levels, the game features power pellets that allow Pacman to eat ghosts for a limited period of time.

Sound effects

The classic 1980s videogame Pacman has returned in the form of a new and improved version in Pacman 30th Anniversary. The game includes colorful graphics and engaging sound effects. It will also be available on Nintendo X by April 2021. The difficulty of the game will depend on the skill level of the player. Beginners may find this game challenging, while seasoned players will find it straightforward. Here are a few tips to get the most out of the game.

The iconic yellow character will return to the spotlight in this remastered version. The game has three difficulty levels and speeds for players to choose from. There is also an iconic kill screen and coffee break. In addition to the familiar pac-man sounds, the remastered version features authentic graphics and sound effects. This is a game worth playing for anyone who has a love for the classic arcade game. And the sound effects aren’t just limited to the arcade.

Split-screen controls

You may have noticed the new split-screen controls on the PC version of Pacman 30th Anniversary. In the original game, there were only two control options: split-screen or full-screen. This mode is best for those who are looking for a challenge, but don’t want to get bogged down with a long learning curve. The split-screen controls are a welcome addition, especially when playing with friends.

Ghost Town

Among the many games that have achieved great success in arcades is Pacman 30th anniversary. Its graphical presentation and sound impacts are amazing, and it has been reported to have sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. For gamers who prefer playing their games on the actual arcade machines, Ghost Town is an exciting new addition. While this version of Pacman is not as difficult as the original game, it offers a different challenge for players.

Final Words:

The game has 256 levels, each of which requires players to avoid ghosts. Once a ghost captures Pac-Man, he loses a life and must start the level over. However, ghosts do not have to be a threat to Pac-Man; they can be moved with the arrow keys, and the space bar will stop them from moving. There are also different challenges for players who are new to the game.


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