How to Ride a Hoverboard

How to ride a Hoverboard Like you should ride a Hoverboards ! I know, I know. You want to get out there and try out your shiny new electric toy, but while electric hoverboards make life easier for riders, you still need to learn and practice the basics, for your safety and the safety of others.

Each type of personal electric transportation has its quirky method of operation. It is important that you go slowly and only drive within your means.

The other point that we cannot stress too much is how important the helmet and protective knee pads are. It doesn’t matter if you feel like an idiot, it’s better than brain damage or crippled limbs. Check out my reviews on helmets and knee pads, if you’re looking for inspiration.

But… How to ride a Hoverboard?

These are the new things that everyone is excited about, but few personal electric vehicles inspire overconfidence at first glance the way hoverboards do. It’s so common that we compiled a page on how not to ride a hoverboard, although we also have another page where we show how a hoverboard works, as it can help you learn how to ride a hoverboard.

At first, the hard part about getting on a hoverboard is how you have to fight against your own body’s natural balancing mechanism. You will be trying to shift your center of gravity in response to the board, which in turn is trying to compensate for YOUR weight shift. This is how you get into that dreaded wobble back and forth that inevitably puts you on your back. So, again, put on a helmet.

To start we are going to get on the hoverboard

The first step is to make sure your board is fully loaded and calibrated. To do this, consult your specific manual.

Once your board is calibrated and ready, step onto it with one of your feet. Make sure to get that foot as close to the wheel as possible. You want a wide stance on the board, so make sure both feet are close to their respective wheels.

Once you have your first foot on the board, step onto the other pad with your other foot as you would in a small step. This is the part that most people find difficult to do, so you may want to have a handhold nearby or a friend you can lean on. We all have a natural tendency to wobble and be tense when we first step onto a kickboard, so practice getting on and off safely before attempting to roll.

how to get on the hoverboard

Speaking of which, conventional wisdom seems to be that getting off the board backward is the safest method. Getting off the front makes people more likely to fall forward and it seems easier to keep the board under control if you just step back and take all your weight on that back foot.

Stand tall and keep your balance

Once you’ve gotten used to mounting and dismounting, you need to get comfortable by standing still in one place. If you start to feel unsteady don’t hesitate to dismount the way you practiced before. Do this until you feel comfortable standing in one place in a relaxed manner. You should be safe and comfortable doing this before trying to go anywhere.

Go forward and backward with the hoverboard

Next, you should try a simple exercise where you slowly roll forward in a straight line and then come to a safe stop.

Find a short, clear straight path that is as level as possible. Make sure there are no objects or people around that could cause injury. Don’t do this near water. I’ve already seen some people roll their boards right into the pool, we promise you the warranty doesn’t cover this so don’t even bother checking.

To make the board move forward, shift your weight slightly forward. Don’t lean forward and don’t make exaggerated movements. The sensors are very sensitive. The experience is closer to telepathy than any actual physical movement on your part.

Forward-backward hoverboard

Remember to look at your destination and its surroundings and not the ground right in front of you! To stop moving your weight back and when the board has stopped, return to the neutral position you practiced earlier.

Let’s learn to turn

Once you’re comfortable rolling back and forth in a straight line and coming to a complete stop, it’s time to attempt a turn. Remember that each wheel operates independently of each foot. Shift your right foot forward and the right wheel will speed up. If it goes faster than the left wheel, you will turn to the left. If each foot is giving the same amount of gas in opposite directions, you will stay in one place and spin around.

how to turn with a hoverboard

stay tuned

Don’t believe all this “learn to drive in five minutes” stuff. Take your time to get comfortable with your hoverboard in a safe and controlled environment. Give the same respect as any other motorized vehicle. Hoverboard are not toys and you can be seriously injured if one of them goes wrong.

Practice these basic moves until you can do them in your sleep. Only then will you be ready to traverse the urban jungle.

Also, make sure you are aware of the terrain immediately ahead of you. and check where the wheels of the hoverboard pass.

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