List Down 7 Webinar Platforms And How They Are Different From Mixhubb

Webinar Platform

As we all know the world is moving toward the virtual world; traditional methods of communication are transforming into online methods of communication. Whether it is a business meeting, B2B, B2C communication, or teaching students, everything has been changed.

We have witnessed this change, businesses are holding their meetings virtually, and educational institutions are also using online mediums like webinars to educate their students. Not to mention, Covid 19 is the reason behind this change. 

Webinars have become a prominent medium to reach the maximum audience at one time. Webinars are online seminars, hosted over the internet. 

Many researchers say organizations are hosting two times more webinars than earlier. Along with this, we can see many new online platforms catering webinar services are introduced in the market.

Mixhubb is one such online platform catering to all your virtual event needs, from webinars to extensive online events, it lets you host everything. It is a self-manageable, scalable, and customizable platform, where you can host webinars within a few minutes. Mixhubb comes with many amazing features that help you to deliver impeccable webinars with an immersive experience. Using its networking features, Mixhubb lets attendees connect with others in a very personalized manner. It provides100 % branding opportunities so that organizers can transform their audience into their customers.

If you are a newcomer to this online event market or you are interested in webinars and want to know more about the online platform offering webinar services, then you need to end your search here. In this, we will introduce you to other webinar platforms. Let us now start our blog.


On24 is an online platform that lets you host sales and marketing-driven webinars or you can say webinars specially designed for marketing purposes. This online platform is a web-based online event platform, helping organizers to engage audiences with its data-rich online experience. On24 has event registration and email registration features but unlike Mixhubb, it does not have event management features. It offers a variety of engagement features like polls, chats, Q&A, gamification, etc. 



This online platform is number two on our list. This online platform is fully customizable, allowing users to customize everything. Along with virtual events, users can also host hybrid events on this platform. On Zuddl, you can easily host a webinar within a few minutes. It offers interactive features like chats, polls, Q&A, etc to make interactions more engaging. Its AI Matchmaking enables attendees of the same interest to interact with each other effectively. Other features of this online platform include a breakout room, pre-book-meetings, and gamification.  



This online platform is on number three on our list of online event platforms. On this online platform, users can also host online events, conferences, and hybrid events along with webinars. This is a scalable platform allowing users to host webinars of any size. Airmeet is a web-based online platform where users are not required to download any particular software for joining the webinars or online events. Airmeet also supports on-demand webinars with high-quality HD video quality. It is a multi-browser and multi-device compatible platform, enabling users to join webinars from any device at any time. Other features of Airmeet include chats, polls, video calls, screen sharing, raising a hand, and automatic recording. 


Big Marker:

This is number four on our list, enabling you to host immersive webinars. This online platform enables users to host online events, in-person events, or hybrid events. Big Marker is generally known for marketing and lead-generating capabilities. This online platform also offers automated and recorded webinars. For ensuring maximum show-up rates it allows users to send customized email invites. Other notable features of Big Markers include recording, screen sharing, event analytics, polls, etc.



WebinarJam is number five on our list of virtual event platforms that supports live casting, and webinar broadcasting with its ability to invite up to 6 co-presenter to the broadcast that facilitates the communication. It offers attendees spotlight features and enables the host to identify the attendee and invite him on the stage. It offers features like screen sharing, polls, and surveys to assist attendees in communicating. WebinarJam also provides whiteboards to the users, enabling them to draw, write or highlight the content directly on the screen. Other key features of WebinarJam include screen sharing, email reminders, recording, social media integration, real-time chat, private chat, etc.


Cisco Webex:

Cisco Webex is the sixth online webinar platform on our list of virtual event platforms. . On this platform, attendees can also share their screens for effective communication and collaboration. It also offers a whiteboard for making short notes and sharing brainstorming. It has a feature that reduces unnecessary noise distractions and enhances speech quality. Gesture recognition and personal rooms are some of the notable features. CiscoWebex allows users to host 20 million conferences in a month. Along with all the features Cisco Webex, provide equal seats for everyone at the networking table with inclusive features, enabling every to be seen, heard, and understood.


This is the last online webinar platform on our list that provides you with features serving your marketing needs. Demio provides high-quality Videos, real-time and attractive backgrounds. It is a customizable online platform enabling you to create a customizable environment according to your requirements. Demio also offers features like email support, unlimited webinar, robust analytics, chat and email support, and storage of 100 recordings only.

Webinar serves the communication needs of many businesses whether it is a B2B communication or B2C communication.

So we must select the right platform for hosting our webinar. In this blog, we have given details about different online platforms where you can easily host a successful webinar.

So, using the above-stated information you can try your hands on one of the above-briefed webinar platforms.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and try your hands on one of the above-stated webinars for your upcoming webinar.


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