Adding a Nightlight with the SnapPower Guidelight

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Looking to install an automatic, affordable, and permanent nightlight that doesn’t require wiring or a plug? Look inside the SnapPower Guidelight!

I frequently have a “honey-to-do” list that never ends because I am a homeowner. I regularly start projects, get sidetracked by the next thing on my list, and leave them just partially finished. Well, I know it’s bad. There is a flaw with this ADOS (Attention Deficit…Oooh Shiny). I, therefore, adore it when I come across a task that is simple and that I can claim to have completed to the fullest extent. Yesterday, I wanted to upgrade our master bathroom with a nightlight. Yes, it is simple, right? I didn’t want to simply plug one in, though. Plugs are scarce, almost a luxury, in my technologically advanced home. Therefore, I was interested when the SnapPower team contacted me to ask if I’d like to test out its SnapPower Guidelight device.

In my house, I’ve completed a lot of electrical projects. I could install adjustable lights in my garage, add new wiring for an overhead fan, or switch out the majority of my light switches for dimmers. If you cut off the main power to the circuit you are working on and follow the code as closely as you can, electrical work is actually quite simple. Of course, I’ve worked on some pretty simple tasks. The SnapPower Guidelight installation was most likely the EASIEST electrical task I have ever completed. Furthermore, no wiring or rewiring was necessary.

By snapping a solution into place, the team of SnapPower has created a technology & design that makes replacing your plug cover simple. It literally only requires unscrewing the plug cover & inserting the replacement one after cutting the power to the circuit. This procedure may just take a few seconds.

Installing the SnapPower Guidelight

Selecting the appropriate outlet cover plate is the first step in installing the SnapPower Guidelight. There are a few factors to take into account while choosing between the Decor design or the Duplex design, which features two separate plug holes (which have a rectangular hole for two more modern plugs).

The next step is to choose between white, light almond, or yellow as the SnapPower Guidelight covering plate’s best color match for the environment.

The electricity to the outlet must then turned off. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Either do what I did or turn off the electricity at the circuit breaker. In our bathroom, I was changing the cover plate on an outlet that is next to the sinks. The plug must be a part of a GFCI circuit so that it will trip if electrical equipment dropped into water, for example, protecting you from being electrocuted.

It’s crucial to know that not all plugs may use with SnapPower solutions; GFCI plugs are among these. Before attempting this, make sure to look at their list of unsupported plugs. Fortunately, the connection I needed to use to attach a SnapPower Guidelight was hooked into a GFCI rather than being a separate plug. As a result, I could switch off the GFCI plug’s test circuit breaker without actually cutting off power to the outlet where I intended to put the SnapPower Guidelight.

If you utilize this GFCI approach, be sure that the plug you are working with has the electricity turned OFF. To check whether it works, try connecting something to the upgraded plug and turning it on. You may go on if there is no power.

The screw holding the old faceplate in place needs to simply unscrew as the next step. The SnapPower Coupons Guidelight is then removed, positioned, and secured with a screw. Then, either at the level of a circuit breaker or the GFCI, power switched back on to that plug.

What the Guidelight does

The magic is in the way the SnapPower cover plate is made. As shown in the image below, there are two prongs that connect to the power. The Guidelight’s three LED lights powered by a circuit created by these prongs.

The amount of light in a room or hallway measured by a small photocell sensor. The lights come on as it gets darker. According to claims, these LED lights should last more than 25 years until they “burn out.” The lights have a brightness output of roughly 3, which is comparable to the majority of plug-in nightlights.

Additionally, the SnapPower Guidelight uses essentially little energy when operating. Depending on the cost of your power, it costs roughly 10 cents for a year’s worth of use.

It doesn’t use any of the priceless plugs in my house, which is another wonderful feature that was vital to me. The two electrical outlets on the wall are still accessible to me.

USB Charging SnapPower Faceplate

The Guidelight is not the only SnapPower product with a similar design and straightforward installation process. The two prongs on the SnapPower Chargers, which likewise merely replace a cover plate to complete the circuit, are the same.

A USB charger is located on the side just at bottom of this faceplate. Additionally, it doesn’t consume any plugs, and believes me when I say that having charging options is crucial in my family.

For smaller devices, the USB charging plug, with its 1 amp capacity, is preferable. Although it will take a little longer than a 2.1 amp charger, it can charge tablets. Protection for charging included in the charger. The product itself does not contain any LED lights, though.

Each cover plate for the SnapPower Charger costs $20 at retail. The selling price of the SnapPower Guidelight $15. given how simple the installation. These are excellent for bathrooms or corridors. In short, you install it & leave it alone. Definitely a nice improvement!

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