How to delete a PSN account

How to delete a PSN account

How to delete a PSN account

How to delete a PSN account, Attracted by second-hand market prices, you bought one Playstation 4 second hand but, as soon as you turned on the console,

did you realize that the previous owner did not delete his personal account? Decided to sell the PS4 and would like to delete your PSN permanent account,

but you don’t know how to do it? So know you’ve come to the right guide – I’ve got what’s right for you!

In the following tutorial,

I intend, in fact, to explain in detail how to delete a PSN account in the fastest possible way,

if you want to act directly in the console or if you want to cancel the account using the computer you have at your disposal.

The only requirement you will need to verify is that there is an internet connection for the PS4 or PC you want to use.

Another clarification before we begin: the information in the article is valid for all versions of the console (PS4 “fat”, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro) and, in particular,

for all versions of PlayStation firmware. Having cleared this important detail, we just have to act. I wish you a good read and good luck in everything!

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personal computer

How to delete a PSN account

In this section of the guide, I will show you how to delete a PSN account (including the PlayStation Plus subscription ) from the console or from any PC browser.


To delete a PSN account directly from the Playstation 4, first, turn on the console and select the main account from the home screen.

Then press the Up Arrow button on the controller (alternatively, you can also use the analog left stick to command the highlighting ),

select the Configuration icon (conform toolbox ), and confirm the intention to access the section with the key X pad.

In the new screen that appears, click on the Login Settings entry so go to User Management and finally select the Delete User item from the menu that will appear on the TV or monitor you are using.

A list of all PS4 accounts will appear:

to remove one, select it with the direction arrow, press the X controller button, then select the Remove button at the bottom,

and confirm that if you want to continue pressing the Sip When button that’s okay to finish the operation.

With this operation. Your saved data, screenshots, and video clips will be deleted, so I advise you to think long and hard before removing the profile associated with the console.

The account will be removed from the console, but it is good to know that it will remain active.

Want to cancel your PSN account

because you don’t want to pay for the PlayStation Plus subscription? It doesn’t need to be that radical, as the subscription in question can be managed separately

(you don’t need to delete all your accounts!). Deleting the account from the PS4 will not cancel the subscription, which you will continue to pay until it disappears.

So if your goal is to cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription,

 turn on your Sony console, log in with the account where your PlayStation Plus subscription is active and open the Settings menu (toolbox icon seen above). Now enter the Account Management menu in PlayStation Subscription and identify the PlayStation Plus item.

On the screen that appears, all information about your PlayStation Plus subscription should appear; to stop it, select the Turn off the automatic renewal button presented below right, then press the X button on your controller to confirm.

Once this step is completed, the service will not be renewed and once the current subscription expires, you will not pay anything again.

personal computer

With the steps shown above, you have the option to delete an account assigned to the console or deactivate the PlayStation Plus subscription; however,

the PSN account will remain active and ready for use on another Sony console.

If it is your intention to permanently delete an account in PSN (to create a new one or exit the platform),

you should know immediately that it is not possible to manually delete the profile using a wizard, but you must contact Sony and submit the request for elimination.

So to remove a permanent PSN account, find a PC with an internet connection, start any web browser and go to the page on the Sony website reserved for user requests.

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