What do new millionaires do after they win the KBC lottery jackpot?


What if I was rich? The song has already covered what to do with money. But what if the KBC Jio lottery Winner list 2022 jackpot fell from the heavens? Have you ever thought about all the possibilities? After studying the lives of the last 3,000 millionaires who won the British lottery, researchers at Oxford Economics in England have come up with this conclusion. According to the study, 82% of lottery winners who won more than 1,000,000 pounds quit their jobs, but one-fifth continue their day-to-day work, and 33% return a portion of their prize for social volunteering. An interesting fact is that 3,780 millionaires are created when the gifts of millionaires are given to their families and friends.

On average, lottery winners purchase 5 new cars.

Camelot and Oxford Economics found that KBC lottery winners purchase an average of five new cars yearly. One millionaire winner bought 20 cars. The new millionaires are also known to be top investors and change their homes.

These are the main results of an analysis of over 4,000 lottery winners in the United Kingdom from 1994 to 2015. It also revealed some fascinating stories.

The 12 Luxury Cars

His new cars included a Range Rover, a limited edition Land Rover Defender, and a BMW i8, valued at EUR136, 000. “I’ve always loved cars. Peter jokingly said that he could only look at cars but not touch them before. He didn’t like the cars, so he bought his daughters a Peugeot and a VW Beetle. SINGH also believed He would win the lottery again. He said he had already purchased his Euro Millions ticket for the next draw.

Lottery winners purchase 5 new cars in an average of 1

Finally, a new car after 74 years

In the United Kingdom, only 10% of those aged 70-74 have a job. Arthur Howard, a taxi driver aged 74, won PS1 million in KBC Euro Millions’ raffle. He was able to exchange his taxi for a white Audi A8 and could share it with his wife. This made him feel like one of the wealthiest men in the world. Arthur admitted that he felt too old to work but will miss his colleagues and the times he shared with them. Arthur’s work won him the KBC lottery, as he only played with tips.

How to spend money on Spain’s housing

What would you do with the winnings from the lottery? It is more lucrative to buy a house with cash than to pay off your mortgage.

Many people dream of buying a home. The prize of 400,000 Euros is allocated to the tenth of Christmas Gordo. This amounts to around 320,000 euros after taxes. This survey revealed that homeowners with outstanding mortgages stated in 80% of cases that they intend to pay off their entire debt. “We should remember that the vast majority of interest is paid during the first year of a mortgage and that it is the last stretch that will be amortized where most of the capital is located.” The portal’s administrator warns that “if 10 years of a 30-year-old mortgage have been paid,

It is not illegal to owe money to the bank. Even less if you have better options for getting a return. A mortgage grant can provide tax benefits to the consumer. The consumer should also consider the potential for profitability.

Another study of the TNS Christmas lottery reveals that Spanish people would use the money for their families. Similar results were observed, with 73% of those who said they would save the money and 67.5% said they would use the money to fix holes. There are many ways to spend money. 76% would go on a vacation, 41% would buy a home, and 31% would purchase a car. Solidarity is also a possibility. 62.4% would donate to an NGO. This figure increases for Spanish women.

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