How to get off a Segway

Segway, according to official definitions, is an electric scooter that self-balances. Segways does not have a brake and a gearbox. Instead, it has gyroscopic sensors between the two wheels. These sensors scan the scooter’s position and send information to microprocessors.

Although it sounds complicated

The management is easy. You can simply stand straight on the Segway. To set it in motion, tilt it forward. Backstops are activated by tilting the steering wheel. By tilting the steering knob in the desired direction, you can turn the scooter left or right. In a matter of minutes, the scooter and rider can “grind”. The joy and speed of the first and second experiments combined with the ease of control made it easy to experiment. However, they are not safe.

The most controversial aspect of the Segway is whether it’s easy to fall off or not. Another interpretation is that you must be able to fall off the Segway. No one else started this discussion. Like George Walker Bush Jr. 43rd President of United States.

In a two-hour ride

I lost my balance twice on the Segway. The first time, in the sixth or seventh minute of skating: I didn’t calculate the location for the turn and ran into a wall. The Segway’s electric motor drives both wheels, so if one is blocked, it instantly loses its balance. To avoid falling, you must take a step back. This movement is not natural in situations of forced reversal.

The second time I fell from the Segway, it was in a narrow spot on a bridge. I had to allow a pedestrian through. Although I could have avoided the fall by stopping and not moving, I chose to do so.

I nearly fell the third time, and I don’t think this was the worst. I didn’t notice the uneven asphalt and I was driving at maximum speed. The segway was thrown sharply at the top of a small hill. Fortunately, it landed on both tires and we continued our journey.

The electric motors will immediately shut off after a fall

To set them into motion, you will need a key. You can place the Segway steering wheels perpendicularly to the ground if the fall is not too severe. The Segway will then turn on automatically. If the rider is not on the Segway, the same procedure must be followed. It will also turn off in this instance within minutes.

You need to exercise caution when riding around the city. There are many dangers lurking in the wonderful paving slabs and approaches to pedestrian crossings. You will not find all pedestrians understanding because the descent width is only enough to accommodate the Segway wheels. It can be tiring to have to travel at a 90-degree angle towards the ascents and descents. This is so that both wheels are involved. A hurdle greater than 5 cm is too high for an electric scooter. You will need to transport it yourself. This is possible with minimal skill.

A Segway can be charged at a standard outlet for eight hours

One charge covers 5 hours of driving or 39 km. But I doubt anyone has ever managed such a distance.

Even though it offers many wonderful impressions, Segway are not recommended for long distances. This movement method only requires minimal muscle involvement. Even though I was not dressed for the weather, I was cold by the end of my first hour of skiing.

The scooter is unlikely to be the city’s main mode of transport. In terms of speed and convenience, it is close to a bicycle and roller skates. However, in terms of comfort and cost, a bike and a motorcycle are not possible. A segway, at 420 thousand rubles, is similar. In some countries, however, scooters have become a way for police officers to transport themselves. However, the transportation of the future will most likely come from another source.

The Mini Segway A8 is an easy-to-use, modern transport that allows you to move quickly around the city. There is no need to wait in traffic, use gas stations, or service a scooter or moped. The vehicle is not harmful to the environment. It is powered by an electric motor and a battery. The eco-friendly transportation takes up little space and doesn’t require a garage. It can be brought into your apartment. A Segway equipped with a steering wheel makes it easy to walk around the city, commute to school or work, and for entertainment. A modern vehicle can be driven with maximum comfort using a steering wheel. For older persons, transport without a handle can be difficult. Segways with handles are a different matter because anyone can use them, even pensioners.

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