13 Lean Outfit Ideas For Wearing Black Flare Jeans

13 Lean Outfit Ideas For Wearing Black Flared Jeans

These days, skinny jeans are so popular that they’ve almost become the norm. Dark blue skinny jeans are the default choice, as are all of the other options by default. I’ll show you how to wear black flare jeans without adhering to the current fashion and still look chic.

Despite the fact that it may not be the most current fashion trend, black flared jeans are one of those things that will never go out of style. Putting on a pair of high heels or heeled boots will make you appear tall and lean. Here are some of the most stylish ways to wear black flared jeans that I’ve found.

13 Outfit Ideas For Wearing Black Flared Jeans

Black Flared Jeans and a Blush Pink Coat Look Great Together!

This list of outfit ideas shows how to wear black flare jeans as part of your streetwear or business casual ensembles. For our first outfit, we’ll go with a layered business casual look. A white button-up shirt, grey knit vest, and blush pink coat are all appropriate tops for this look. Make an elegant and lean ensemble by pairing them with black flare jeans and pointed-toe leather heels.

Fashioned in Black Blazer and Flared Jeans with a Leopard Print Scarf

A grey button-up shirt, a black casual blazer, and a leopard print chiffon scarf are all you need to create this slightly more breezy business casual look. Make the look complete with a pair of black leather ankle boots and a pair of black flare jeans.

Black Flared Jeans With Grey V-Neck Blouse & Leather Jacket

You can wear a grey v-neck relaxed fit blouse with a black leather biker jacket to achieve this stylish and slightly dark outfit that you can both wear to work or to a friend’s gathering. To complete the look, wear them with a pair of black flared jeans and black pointed-toe suede ankle boots.

A black leather biker jacket paired with a burgundy button-up shirt and flared jeans.

If you want to appear taller and more slender, wear flare jeans with high heels or heeled boots hidden underneath. Wear a black leather jacket over a burgundy collar shirt as an example of a top. Add some black ballet flats to the mix and you’ll be ready to go.

Black Flared Jeans and a Grey Chunky Crew Neck Sweater

If you’re looking for something to wear to the office on a casual Friday, this is the outfit for you. Wear a heather grey chunky knit crew neck or mock neck sweater on top to complete the look. Put on a pair of black flared jeans to complete the look. Wear a pair of black heeled suede boots to finish the look in a feminine manner.

Cardigan in Black Longline Knit and Sweater in Heather Grey

Wear a heather grey pullover sweater paired with a black long-sleeved sweater cardigan to achieve this fashionable and artistic look. The black flared jeans and open-toe high heels will look great with this ensemble. Finally, to complete the look, don a black painter’s hat.

Platform Heels and a White Blazer with Flared Black Jeans

With this outfit, you can look artistic and elegant while wearing business casual attire in this classic black and white color scheme. Wearing a white blazer with a white button-down collared shirt is a good option on the upper half. In order to appear taller, wear them with flared jeans and black platform heels.

Flared Pants and a White and Black Striped Button-Up Shirt

Another great black and white business casual outfit is shown here. Enjoy the look! Wear a white and black vertical striped button-up slim-fit shirt for the top. Put on a pair of black flared jeans to complete the look. When it comes to purses, you can’t go wrong with this one. Wear a pair of black heeled boots to finish off the look.

Faux-fur coat in black worn over flared jeans and high-heeled boots

You can stand out from the crowd this winter with this all-black ensemble. Lovely and all-black are two words that don’t often go hand-in-hand. Then again, they do make sense now, thanks to the thick, squishy black coat. With a black pullover sweater and black flared jeans, you can accessorize it. Make your outfit complete with a pair of black suede ankle-high boots.

Sweater in Silver Sequins and Flared Jeans in Black

A silver sequin long-sleeve top is the perfect addition to any cocktail party or business semi-formal outfit. Wear it with a pair of black ballet flats and black flared jeans. If you want to look sophisticated and refined, carry a black leather clutch bag.

Jeans with Wide Legs and Striped Long Sleeve Tee in Black and White

Dressing down for a cocktail party while still looking polished is possible with this ensemble. A black and white striped long-sleeve t-shirt can be used to achieve this look. A pair of black flared jeans and a pair of black ballet flats will complete the look. Add some flair to your outfit with a black matte suede leather shoulder bag.

Flared Jeans and a Form-Fitting Black Sweater

Wear a black form-fitting mock neck pullover sweater with black flared jeans to achieve this artistic look. In order to appear taller and leaner, wear black suede ankle-heeled boots. If you want to look more artistic and appealing, don a black felt hat.

Blazer and Flared Jeans in White with Black

Wear a white blazer with a black scoop-neck t-shirt and a pair of flare jeans to create an elegant black and white ensemble. Add an artistic touch to your look by donning a black felt hat and black leather heels.

Black flared jeans are an excellent choice for a slimming and fashionable look. Try them on and see if you like them better than your skinny jeans currently in your closet.

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