All You Need to Know About Database Administrator

Companies need someone who can store their data so that companies can retrieve and use it for their business decisions, and that’s the work of a database administrator (DBA). Database administrator work is to organize data for companies ranging from IT to retail companies.

Tasks handled by Database Administrator:

  • Plan security measures for databases to ensure company data is safe from hackers
  • Backup database systems in case of natural disaster
  • Merge one or more databases as per company needs
  • Create new databases to store and organize fresh data
  • To check for the data authenticity 
  • To make sure data is retrieved and organized at all times
  • Monitoring technical support for the database system and related applications
  • To create reports by querying from the database
  • Ensuring the database operates efficiently and without any error

DBA (Database Administrator) certification

The database administrator needs DBA certification in the specific products they use. It will help administrators update on current best practices. Security plays a vital role when choosing a cloud-based solutions provider. Oracle cloud is showing massive growth and is quite popular worldwide.

DBA Certification will act as a guarantee that DBA candidate knows the specific skill that would make them valuable to that position. The DBA certification will help the individual to fast track their career effortlessly. 

Importance of a Database administrator

Organizations of every size use at least one database management system(DBMS); hence, the need for database administrators is greater today than ever before. DBA is responsible for understanding the overall database environment. They are the subject matter experts for database management systems, including database design, security, data extraction, database backup, and recovery.

There are two common database administrator specialities:

  • System DBA (Database)

System DBAs are responsible for the physical aspects of the database, such as installing upgrades and patches to fix bugs. They ensure that the database in a company’s computer system works appropriately.

  • Application DBA (Database)

Application DBA supports a database that has been designed for a set of applications like customer service software. They do all the tasks of a general DBA but only for their particular application.

Most database administrators work for computer system design and related services, such as data processing firms. Other DBAs are employed by companies with large databases, such as insurance companies and banks. Retail companies that keep track of their buyer’s credit card or shipping details. Healthcare firms manage patients’ medical records. 

Skills required for DBA (Database)

  • Database Designing
  • Structured query language(SQL) knowledge
  • Knowledge about distributed architecture
  • Knowledge of different operating servers
  • Ready to solve the problems quickly
  • Teamwork and good communication skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Understanding of business requirements
  • User support skills and good business relationship

Oracle Cloud certification 

Oracle certified associate(OCA) is a certification at the entry level for programmers specialized in Java. This certification helps a candidate to get an understanding of the language along with expanding his knowledge of programming. The candidate will learn the language basics such as variables, data types, loops, arrays, and methods. It will also cover some advanced tools. Oracle certification page lists separate tracks for database application development, MySQL, and oracle database. Oracle also rolled out a paid version of MySQL and certifications to support the product. 

To become an oracle-certified associate (OCA) person has to pass the test. With this qualification, you can work in database management or as an application developer. Oracle certification course is the professional authentication that the candidate has in-depth knowledge of Oracle database and its management. The course guarantees that the candidate has the necessary skill sets and knowledge to work as an oracle developer.


Working with a database requires understanding complex systems, in which minor errors can cause serious problems. Database administrators use software to make sense of information and organize it in meaningful patterns. Oracle-certified database administrators will know how to run databases both at the junior and senior levels depending on their certification level. The database administrator job requires a high degree of technical knowledge. 

Database is the one who ensures the design, quality, and security of database management systems. The database administrator’s work will also include implementing and maintaining development and production database environments. The DBA will also design a database backup and storage strategy. 

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