Caroline Forbes deserved better in The Originals’ final episode


The final episodes of the series The Originals and The Vampire Diaries have not been a good thing for Caroline Forbes

And frankly, Caroline Forbes deserves better.

Be aware: This article contains major spoilers from The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. If you’ve ever live in a cave, but you’re not sure how these shows will conclude, don’t continue reading!

In the conclusion of the show The Vampire Diaries, Stefan Salvatore sacrificed his life in order his brother could have the love and happiness the one he’d long await for. Did this bring a happy ending to his affair with Damon? Absolutely. However, when I look at the wider perspective I do have doubts. Particularly in with the situation that is Caroline Forbes.

Just a few minutes later, Stefan was engage to Caroline (albeit in a non-official ceremony) He made the decision to leave from his life to a new person and leave Caroline widow prior to her expect due date.

In the conclusion of The Originals, Klaus Mikaelson sacrifice himself to save his daughter! The darkness of The Hollow was too for Hope to manage and as such, Klaus manage to remove the evil from Hope. Because Klaus didn’t trust him to keep from blaming those around him and family (and eventually, the whole universe) as well as the dark in him, he swore his life in order to stop the magic for good and forever.

Caroline was once again alone.

This was also a lovely gesture for his daughter as well as his entire family. However, he made it happen after an opportunity to meet Caroline who wait many years to see her. Caroline was once again alone.

Does Klaus’s act of betrayal trigger the same consequences of Stefan’s? No. Klaus was certainly not Caroline’s husband. They’ve always had the same bond and it’s obvious that Caroline remains attract to the vampire that was hers from the beginning. It’s possible she’s only had the chance to be able to kiss him because of the sacrifice he made , however it was clear that things were getting better in a way that they never had before.

It wasn’t just that she felt compassion for him. Her voicemail left by him after his return to New Orleans for years! It seem like “however long it takes” was about to end, and Klaroline was sure to get their happy (yet likely to be chaotic) finalization at least.

However, no. Klaus was require to do everything was in his power to be selfless and place an iron rod into his heart.

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Stefan spent a large time trying to repay his guilt for having his brother turn.

In the end decision, his sacrifices help Damon to lead the life that he had taken from Damon. I am certain that Stefan’s narrative and his development was sacrifice in order to be able to accommodate Damon’s story. I stand firm on Stefan’s argument and admire his sacrifice

Klaus evidently didn’t want his child to be at the the Hollow’s curse, therefore his choice of sacrifice is rational too. He found a partner who was worthy of everything. He was able to achieve immortality, but he gave up his own legacy in order to continue in a different way. The redemption story in his story is a happy one.

I’m sure that I would have been a part of the sacrifices made if it were only the tales of the decease that we had to contemplate. However, that’s not actually the scenario. The tales of the characters in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are intersperse in a manner that the end of a story is bound to impact the characters in the next. This is due to the fact that the death of these characters will forever mark the storylines of their families, their friends and other characters.

A memorable moment in Caroline’s storyline in The Vampire Diaries

is the one in which she went away from the girl who was never select, to becoming the woman everybody was seeking. The moment that I fell in the love of Caroline Forbes as a character was when she confess to Bonnie with heartbreaking honesty that she was never the perfect girl, no regardless of what she did.

Bonnie was trying to convince Caroline that this wasn’t the case. But after seasons of being second only to Elena Gilberts on the other side of the world, Caroline knew better. This was a competition and one of her teams had fail to take the prize.

When she was a teenager, Caroline was neurotic, rigid, and frankly kind of cruel. Unsecure, she was anger at the those around her the fact that they had the right to anger or not. She did not show kindness to her mom, show a bit of “too tough” love to her peers and was reckless with her relationships.

This Caroline is one of the most belove characters in the entire Mystic Falls tale. She’s funny and fierce, however, she’s also a good person and an example of strength to the people who surround her. She has even surpass Stefan’s unrealistic expectations of morality and ethics for vampires, yet she was attractive enough to catch the interest of a vampire who live for a lifetime quickly and with lots of work.

She was able to keep Salvatore and the other.

Together during the final two seasons of The Vampire Diaries and continue to keep Klaus in the right direction during Season Finale of The Originals. The best way to get to know her is to be a fan of them and they will love you too.

When all is over, Caroline remains the last lover for Stefan Salvatore and Klaus Mikaelson. At the end of it all, they both chose an alternative to her. Their choices weren’t bad, but they weren’t her choices. Stefan was love by his older brother throughout his entire life, but he couldn’t overcome his martyr’s ego to face Damon facing the reality of a bullet. Klaus his daughter had a huge impact on his life , and after all of his options had been exhaust had left him with no other choice but to assist her.

My primary concern is that this greatly reduces the effect of Caroline’s most compelling story. Do we really believe is that Caroline is the person everyone picks when the time is right to her to be push, she remains to be alone? In a universe where almost every character on The Vampire Diaries has put their lives in danger in order to save Elena or making Elena’s heart sing, Caroline is a lonely one and one-dimensional character. Is it not the case that Elena Gilberts of the world haven’t won?

Caroline needs a person who would put her ahead of everything else.

First of all she’s the main focus of their lives. This is also because of the storyline that demands she be the center of attention. She deserves to be treat as the girl that is that is worth everything.

One thing that could help the situation is that maybe Caroline manage to finish her story’s arc , and even surpass it. Through all her challenges and hardships, romance problems and hard blows, she was better than the woman everyone want to be. She wasn’t need any of these things.

Caroline is the only vampire who is enjoying a glamorous lifestyle in Europe. She’s definitely looking for solutions to prevent her from the Gemini “merge” that her daughters will have to face, but I’d wager that she’s enjoying a lot of fun.

In spite of each loss and battle, Caroline has remain strong and vibrant. Apart from that one moment when she switch her back her, she’s push through everything with ease through her honest and open way of dealing with healing and pain to her own good.


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We haven’t seen Caroline Forbes on Legacies.

I’m certain that this remains true. She’s on the move making her mark, creating new people around her. It’s a painful thought but, it also means Caroline is full of life to live and lots of love to find.

However, I do think it’s real it’s true that Caroline Forbes deserves better than she’s receive for her work on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals There’s still hope.

The tale of Caroline isn’t over, however there’s always the possibility that she’ll appear to Legacies especially if and when the merger actually happens. If the story of Caroline is told through screen or offscreen, I’m hoping that she finds a person who will be devote to her above all.

This is exactly what Caroline’s character been looking to achieve since the start of the series The Vampire Diaries, and I think this part of her story will not be finish until she meets the perfect person to share her story with. Someone who is willing to choose her.

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