How To Use NDIS For A Better Living?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a support program started by the Australian government to help people with significant or permanent impairment live as independently as possible. This program provides several supports and funds to help the participants reach their goals and build better lives for themselves. 


Participants can request the support they think will help them meet their goals, and NDIS approves it after analysing whether or not they are reasonable and necessary for the participant. There are many things NDIS does to ensure that the participants have better lives, and it also funds improved living arrangements. 


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Here are some ways you can use NDIS to build a better life for yourself or your loved ones.


One of the many things NDIS funds for is accommodation. NDIS does not pay for the rent or living expenses. However, it does provide its participants with funds to access short-term and medium-term accommodation. 


You can access short-term accommodation when you need a break for a short while, it can last up to 14 days, and you can choose to live wherever you want. It gives a chance to socialise more, make new friends, and develop new interests. However, if you’re going to get away for longer than 14 days, you will have to access medium-term accommodation instead of short-term. 


NDIS also allows you to choose from its home and living options. You can choose to live alone or in shared accommodation with other participants. It is also a great way to make new friends. You can access all your budgets and support within these better living options.


NDIS also provides funds for occupational, behavioural, and speech therapy. Although it is not funded for all the participants, if you think you need this kind of support to achieve your goals more efficiently, you can request it in your plan meeting. Therapies are a great way to improve one’s living; they can help boost your self-esteem and make you feel more comfortable with your situation. 


NDIS aims to make independent living possible for its participants and is also its primary goal. It assists you with daily living and personal care to have you trained for the future. You can have a support worker help you with household chores and personal hygiene like toileting and dressing, but that is not the only thing the support workers do. They also help you train so you can do these tasks by yourself in the future. Reducing your needs is also one of the goals of NDIS, and training is important for that to work.

Get Advice

You must have heard about support coordinators and how they help the participants understand and manage their NDIS plan; that is all true. Support coordinators are professional workers who have all the knowledge regarding the program and service providers. It is best that you take their advice in matters you are not familiar with, the last call will always be yours, but you don’t want to make any decisions and spend all your funding on useless things. A support coordinator can guide you to build a better life.


One of the main goals of NDIS is to reduce the help participants need, so they become more independent, and independence can make your living situation better. You won’t have to be dependent on anything, and you can make your own choices while living at a place of your liking. If you are an NDIS participant and still don’t have funding for the above-mentioned supports but think they can help you meet your goals, you can request these supports in your next plan meeting with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).


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