Inspiring DIY Wedding Flowers Combos Ideas

diy wedding flowers combos ideas

If you are not a florist then making your wedding flowers might seem very intimidating. However, with a little help and knowledge, DIY wedding flowers would seem a very easy task. In this guide, we have compiled some of the best DIY wedding flower combo ideas along with some tips so make sure you stick till the end.

Diy Wedding Flowers Combos Ideas

DIY wedding flowers are not only fun to make but are very budget-friendly. Wedding flowers are usually very expensive which is why people look for alternatives. DIY wedding flowers are a great alternative. Given below are some great wedding flower ideas that would enhance your wedding decor.

●     Combination of fresh and dried flowers

Add a twist to your floral arrangement by ditching a fresh flower arrangement. A great way to add uniqueness to the floral arrangement is to combine fresh and dried flowers. This would enhance the overall decoration and give it a unique look. The combination of colorful fresh flowers with dried blooms creates a perfect amalgamation of textures as well as colors. You can use vintage vases to present this combination of fresh and dried flowers and also pair up the decor with candles.

●     Use terrariums for decorations

Looking for something elegant and enchanting at the same time? Terrariums are what you have been looking for. Terrariums are perfect for weddings. They are easy to make and great to look at. If you don’t know terrariums are miniature plants inside a glass container. They look super cute and would definitely make a great centrepiece. However, it could be a time taking decor as terrariums take a considerable amount of time for setting up, especially if you are not a professional or are unaware of gardening basics. Thus if you are short on time then skip this decor idea.

●     Go for a two-toned design

One of the best DIY wedding flowers combos ideas is to go for two-toned designs. If you want to be bold and quirky then go for two-toned designs. Pick any two colors that would pop and go well with each other. You can go for interesting combinations like blue and pink, maroon and yellow, red and yellow, white and red, and so on. Play with colors with this decor idea and create your own very unique wedding decor.

●     Combination of roses and pampas grass

If you are ready to go over the top with your decor then try the combination of roses and pampas grass. Use a nice and classy vase or stand to present this interesting combo. The combination of roses with pampas grass would bring out the beautiful colors of roses. You can use a golden stand or transparent glass vase to present this combo to complete the entire look. You can order fresh flowers wholesale to the public online from various websites.

●     Display fruits, vegetables, and flowers!

Ready to make a unique display for your wedding? Make a tropical display by combining colorful fruits, exotic vegetables, and flowers together. You can use old baskets from your home to display fruits and veggies while flowers could be placed in traditional vases. This set-up would be an amalgamation of different colors and textures. You can also use traditional candles or floating candles if you wish to make the decor more enchanting. You can even add lamps to enhance the entire setup. This is hands down one of the most unique DIY wedding flower combo ideas.

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 ●     You can’t go wrong with neutrals

If you are not sure which color would look the best on your wedding day then settle with neutrals. You can’t simply go wrong with neutral colors. Pair neutral floral decoration with white and golden cutlery. You can also use golden candle stands or vintage books to go with the decor. Neural decorations not only look classy but also very elegant. Additionally, they will not cost you much thus if you are on a tight budget then go with the neutral decor.

●     Combination of flowers and candles

Flowers and candles are a classic combination that will never get old. The best part about this DIY is that it is inexpensive and looks amazing. You can use taper candles along with flowers on the reception table or you can use floating candles in a bowl. Either you can use bright colored flowers or pastel colored, either will look good. You can also use huge traditional candles that are partially melted, it gives a very vintage feel to the entire decor.

Final thoughts

Floral arrangements are a big part of the wedding decor. It is simple yet very elegant and classy. Getting floral arrangements done by a professional florist is a great thought but it can shoot the budget very easily which is why these DIY decor ideas would come in handy. These decor ideas are budget-friendly and very easy to make and would elevate the entire decoration.

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