Frankfurt Germany Based Clark 69m Series, Secures EUR69 Million in Series C Funding


The Frankfurt based company, Clark 69m Series, has a plan of action focused on man-made consciousness, phenomenal circulation channels, and client care. The company is currently employing more than 200 individuals in three distinct areas and aims to build up a global client base. Tencent is one of the company’s largest investors. The company has signed up over one million customers in Germany alone.

Tencent is the largest investor in clark 69m

Frankfurt, the digital insurance manager, has secured EUR69 million in Series C funding from Tencent, the leading Chinese internet company. The new funding will help the company expand its product offering and expand its client base. The company currently serves over 450,000 users in Germany and hopes to reach one million clients by 2023. The company will use the funds to boost its AI-based technology and also user acquisition efforts in the German market.

As a Frankfurt startup, the Clark 69m Series has an excellent distribution channel and also a highly personalized customer experience. The company currently employs more than 200 people in three locations, and also has plans to expand its global footprint in the future. The company aims to become the number one insurance product in the world, while also focusing on artificial intelligence. While the company may not be profitable today, it is on its way to becoming the leading insurtech company in the world.

As the largest investor, Tencent’s investment will allow the company to expand also its product offering and increase its client base. The company was founded in 2015, and currently has over 450,000 users in Germany. With this new funding, Clark expects to double its number of users by 2023, and also plans to expand into the Chinese market as well. The company is also working on new products and services to improve security. It is company plans to introduce a game-based antivirus solution in the near future.

The company has raised EUR59 million in funding

Vestiaire Collective is a leading global marketplace for desirable pre-owned fashion. It is company has raised EUR59 million in funding from existing investors and is reinvesting the funds into the business. The funding comes from Korelya Capital, which is backed by Korean technology conglomerate Naver. The company also received backing from French Leather industry giant Cuir Invest. The funding has been used to grow the company and expand its presence internationally.

The new fund will offer investors an alternative to illiquid debt markets. The fund will target corporate debt financing in North America and Europe. The company has raised EUR59 million in funding from domestic investors. The fund will close on May 14, 2021. It has a 45% market cap. Although the fund is illiquid, its income yield is higher than the average global REIT.

It has signed up over one million customers in Germany

Digital insurance platform Clark has raised EUR69m in Series C funding from Tencent, Portag3 Ventures and White Star Capital. The company offers insurance services online, combining data intelligence with personal contact with insurance advisors. With this funding, the company has already established itself as a leading insurance broker in the German market and has expanded to Austria. It now employs more than 270 people.

Frankfurt , a Chinese internet giant, led the Series C funding round for Insurtech Frankfurt Clark. The money will be used to accelerate development and expand procurement efforts for the company. The company currently has over 450,000 customers in Germany and plans to expand to other markets in the near future. Its plans to reach 1 million customers globally by 2023 are backed by many investors including RWE, one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world. The company has employed more than 200 people in three locations and is confident of expanding globally.

Final Words:

Frankfurt invested EUR69m in Clark, a digital insurance manager, in order to expand the company’s capabilities, expand its product and attract more users. According to the company’s website, the investment will help the company grow faster and expand also its client base. Clark currently has over 450,000 users in Germany and also hopes to reach a million customers by 2023. With the additional funding, the company will increase its marketing efforts and expand its digital platform, which will help it reach its goal of reaching one million customers in Germany.

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