The Murder of Justin Goldsby

Justin Goldsby

A criminal investigation of Justin Goldsby relationship with his sister led to the conviction. The two had been in contact with one another for years before the murder, and their relationship had a history of violence. The investigation revealed that Goldsby was a violent person, and his sister was the victim of his rage.

Niecko Goldsby

Niecko Goldsby is a murder suspect with a long criminal history. He was previously convicted of murdering his younger sister. Goldsby and Munger were involved in an undisclosed relationship when they killed Munger. The attack was caught on camera and the pair later apologized to the victim’s family. As a child, Goldsby spent time in 10 different foster homes, and was arrested on drug charges. He was transferred to Airway Heights Correctional Center.

While they were still young, Niecko Goldsby and Justin Goldsby were separated by their biological parents. They were in foster care for years and reunited with their biological mother at age 22. However, they both developed a drug habit. Eventually, they were sentenced to more than three years in prison. Their relationship with each other has been a source of controversy. They are currently fighting to be released from prison.

Justin Goldsby is 42 years old. He has two children and is active in the entertainment industry. He has not spoken publicly about his murder conviction, but many believe that he killed the old man who raped his sister.

Foster Care

Niecko Goldsby’s criminal past is complex, but the story begins in foster care, where the boy spent his childhood. His mother was an alcoholic and Goldsby was moved to ten foster homes before being adopted. After his adoption, Goldsby reconnected with his mother and began abusing drugs. His crimes are linked to his drug use, and Goldsby was found guilty of murdering Munger in December 2018. His criminal past is extensive, with several previous arrests for assault, rape, and stabbing. He is currently in state prison in Airway Heights, Washington.

During his time in foster care, Goldsby committed various crimes, including raping another child and assaulting another. His violent behavior led to his arrest and subsequent sentencing to prison. He apologized to the family of the victims, and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He also agreed to pay restitution to the family of the victims. The exact amount of restitution will be determined later. Goldsby was facing a 33-year sentence, but the judge reduced this to two-and-a-half years so his wife would not be alive when he is released.

Airway Heights Correctional Center

Justin Goldsby criminal record is lengthy, and it is difficult to determine if he was the perpetrator of the attack on Munger. His previous convictions include stealing a police car, assaulting a police officer, and abusing a correctional officer. He was transferred to Airway Heights Correctional Center in June 2020. During the trial, Goldsby said he did not mean to hurt Munger, but claimed he did not know him until they were in the car.

The murder of Justin Goldsby has raised questions about his past behavior, as well as his relationship with a convicted felon. The actor has had a long history of criminal activity. He met his sister in prison during an alleged drug deal, and the two were already well acquainted. Goldsby also had a history of violence. He had recently served a prison sentence for stealing a state trooper’s car in 2017 and injuring the trooper during the pursuit.

Lengthy Criminal Record

Justin Goldsby has a lengthy criminal record, including multiple convictions for rape and molestation. He spent time in foster care and jail for his crimes. His relationship with his foster mother had been so violent that he once raped another child. After serving his prison sentence, Goldsby reconciled with his mother and apologized to the victims’ families.

Justin Goldsby relationship with convicted felon Shane Goldsby has prompted some criticism. Goldsby is a former foster child who was put into foster homes as a child because his mother was a drug addict. The child was eventually rescued by child services. But when he returned home, he began to use drugs and turned himself into a violent felon. He eventually spent over three years in prison for raping and stabbing a woman. Although he reconnected with his mother after his release, he was hospitalized with gangrene and eventually died.


During the trial, Goldsby tried to read a prepared statement during which he defended his violent and pedophilic actions. But an attorney interrupted him and the statement was cut short. This led to speculations about Goldsby’s motivations.

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