How to Plan an Autumn Birthday Party?

Autumn is the perfect time to celebrate a birthday. The leaves are changing and Halloween is around the corner, so throw an autumn birthday party! If you’re planning a fall birthday bash, choose some fall birthday party themes first. Do you want an orange-themed party or a pumpkin spice theme? Maybe choose both? It’s all up to you! Then, plan your menu by choosing seasonal foods like apples, squash and pumpkins.

Berry Red, Orange or Pumpkin Spice – choose your color palette

The primary colors for a fall birthday party theme are berry red, orange, and pumpkin spice. If you want to go with one of these colors for your basic color palette for your party, choose a secondary color that complements it. If you have a limited budget or time frame for planning the party, stick with one main color palette and use it throughout your event’s decorations and favors.

Choose the best autumn location

The location is the most important part of your party! You want to make sure that you choose a place that has everything you need and could conceivably be used for other purposes.

  • Outdoor: The perfect outdoor location would be one with plenty of trees, grass or dirt to play in. This can also be decorated with pumpkins, leaves and corn stalks if needed.
  • Indoor: If you live in a city apartment, then it might not always be possible to hold an outdoor party due to weather conditions or safety concerns. In these cases—or even simply because you don’t have time for something so elaborate—an indoor location may be best suited for your needs. A restaurant with large windows will let in plenty of natural light while still giving you room indoors (and away from any potential rain).

According to a party planner Party City, “Welcome the season with a fall theme party! Make your fall party ideas come to life with festive fall party decorations and supplies.”

Buy fall decorations and favors early

If you want to save money and avoid being stuck with only candy corn or plastic pumpkins as party favors, buy them early in the season. You can find decorations at local craft fairs and farmer’s markets or online from big box stores like Target or Amazon. For example, a simple fall wreath will cost about $10 at your local craft fair, but it could go for $20-$30 when it comes to Halloween.

Sampler platter of the season – serve seasonal food

The best way to plan a fall birthday party is by choosing seasonal foods. Autumn is a time for pumpkin patches, apple cider, and Halloween. You can create your own autumn theme by picking out food that fits the season.

  • Plan the menu with your budget in mind.
  • Make sure you have enough serving dishes available.
  • Find ideas for decorating your table or buffet area using items around the house or at local discount stores.

Hoping that this article has helped you plan your autumn birthday party. So throw a fantastic birthday bash with all your friends and have a gala time.

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