Top USB Microphones for Mac to Make Recording Videos/Podcasts a Breeze

Remote working means ensuring the audio is crystal clear when video chatting with your clients or team members. Also, you may need a microphone to help you record podcasts or videos with exceptional clarity to boost your followers and make your channel stand out from the rest. However, even the best ones may run into trouble now and then. If you see the microphone on Mac not working, it might be time to get a new one, or you have to check if it is plugged in properly. 

It doesn’t matter why you are looking for a microphone, but these are some of the best Mac microphones available on the market. 

Blue Yeti USB Mic 

The Blue Yeti stands out from the rest because there are four different recording modes. With this microphone, there’s nothing you cannot record if you set it in the correct mode. 

If you are using a newer MacBook model with USB-C ports, you need a USB-C hub to plug in the microphone. 

The Blue Yeti is easy to use, and its primary cardio mode is terrific for capturing an instrument or a single voice in front of the microphone. That makes it the ideal product for video calls, game streaming, or vocals. 

When you need to pick up sound from around it, enable the omnidirectional mode. It means you can put the microphone in the middle of a table and capture multiple people speaking simultaneously. The mic will not miss a single word. This mode is perfect for podcasting with several guests and hosts or capturing all the noise around you. 

Then there’s the bidirectional mode that enables the Blue Yeti to become an interview microphone, and you don’t need any elaborate setup. First, place the microphone between you and the other person. Then, don’t touch the mic again. 

Thanks to the stereo recording mode, the microphone uses the right and left channels to record in stereo. As a result, the recordings have a realistic soundstage with more than one sound source. 

So, if you want a versatile experience at a fair price, you cannot go wrong with this microphone for Mac. 

Blue Snowflake USB Microphone 

Do you need high-quality recordings wherever you go? Then, you cannot go wrong with Blue Snowflake USB Microphone. 

The mic comes in a compact case that expands into a stand. You can easily clip it on top of the Mac; the entire device is about 2.5″ thick. Therefore, the mic is carried easily without sacrificing quality. The mic has a sample rate of 16bit/44kHz. 

The microphone covers all the bases, and it has an attractive design. The functionality is spot-on. The mic is ideal for home narration, voice calls, or podcast recording from your MacBook. Moreover, you don’t need any drivers. The mic is ready to work soon as you plug it in. 

However, the mic isn’t the ideal choice for musicians because it is found to be lacking when recording a track. 

Rode NT-USB Mini USB Microphone 

Rode is a well-known producer of microphones, and it has dominated the industry for years. Although the Rode NT-USB Mini appears unassuming, it is a handy and valuable little USB mic. It is a compact option for recording voices with a magnetic stand, and you can attach it easily to mic stands, a built-in pop filter, or an AUX input for live monitoring. 

Users can enjoy excellent audio quality, and a unidirectional mic’s sound isolation is pretty impressive. 

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

The Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ functions much like a traditional XLR microphone. It is ideal for songwriters or singers who love to record digitally and share their tracks with their online audience. It is a cardioid microphone and performs best when recording sound from a single source in front of the mic. 

The microphone is perfect for musicians and can easily fit into mic booms and shock mounts. In addition, it enables users to position the mic perfectly in their space. 

Its 16bit/48kHz recording sample rate and the ability to seamlessly fit into mic stands or shock mounts make it the perfect mic for recording vocals and instruments. 

FIFINE USB Podcast Microphone 

The FIFINE USB Podcast Microphone is a cheaper alternative to the Blue Yeti. The mic is suited for live streaming and simple recording. 

Although it is a new brand, FIFINE has been gaining a lot of attention and popularity among its customers, including vloggers, podcasters, gamers, and YouTubers. 

The microphone sounds excellent, and it is a compact design showcasing minimalism. However, the mic is quick to pick up bass sounds. So, you must be careful when recording a track or podcast using the mic. You must be cautious when touching the mic, or it may sound like thunder. 

The Bottom Line 

Make recording podcasts and videos a breeze on your Mac by using any one of these USB microphones. These mics are also used for voice and video calls.

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